Massimiliano Mugnai began his adventure in the fashion world as a child: in 1978 he was already breathing the air of that magical world that led him to spread his creations everywhere: from France to Asia, the Far East to the United States. His motto is: solidity, working on every little detail, and having faith in the experience of the most skilled craftsmen in the field of footwear.
Arezzo is his production area, a land fraught with excellent workmanship: Massimiliano has created his little kingdom that is made up of hard work, creativity, taste, style, programming and distribution: this mix is a perfect combination and none of these ingredients must be left out.
His stubbornness has led him "in search of the lost shoe", paraphrasing Proust: these traditions being the reason that Daniel Day-Lewis lived in Arezzo to learn from the "master craftsmen”. Creations worked and sewn by hand, according to the rules of times gone by, but following fashion trends over the last decade, reviewing the style and consequently the form, the materials and colour.
These characteristics have made sure that he has established strong and lasting partnerships with major fashion brands which have taken him on some of the most important Italian and international catwalks: from Milan to Palm Springs, from Rome to Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan and the Principality of Monaco to London.